China Independent Auto Bands have Improved Rapidly

China Independent Auto Bands have Improved Rapidly
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On the information conference held by China Automobile Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as China Auto Association) in Beijing, Dong Yang, the Vice President and Secretary General of the Association, released a report entitled "Spread Positive Energy, and Jointly Promote the Development of Chinese Automobile Brands".
Dong Yang said that current Chinese brands cars were during a critical period. Chinese brand cars are not only facing the challenges of purchase restriction and foreign brands dropping prices, but also facing the adverse situation that domestic communities and consumers lack of understanding and confidence of Chinese brands. Current development trend of Chinese automobile brands has caused widespread concern in the industry, community and government. He appealed on behalf of the Association that customers need to spread positive energy, pay more attention to Chinese brand cars, and set up the concept of being proud of China’s own brands.
Not long ago, China Auto Association specially held “High-level Seminar for the Publicity of Chinese Brand Vehicles”. It was introduced according to Dong Yang that the meeting reached a consensus: China has made tremendous progress in its own car brands in the past 10 years, and main automobile companies has established a relatively complete R & D system. In addition, independent brand cars have enhanced the quality quickly and the gap with foreign brands has been significantly reduced. The coverage rate of automotive products market has significantly improved. The product line has expanded to various market segments, and can basically meet different customers’ needs. Chinese brands have also made great progress in the field of new energy vehicles.
Dong Yang proposed media friends to grasp the theme of the times, adhere to the correct public opinion, guide consumers to form an objective assessment to Chinese brand vehicles and actively create a favorable environment to promote the development of domestic brands.
China Independent Auto Bands have Improved Rapidly

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